August: Flying Time of Saimbeyli Blue

August just started. In the last two days of July in Saimbeyli we observed 61 species from 5 families of butterflies. Saimbeyli Blue, our disctrict endemic butterfly began to fly. Guelek Blue (Clician Blue) was the fisrt record for Saimbeyli... 

July, Time of Blue Agro Butterflies

July is the time to see blue agrodiatus butterflies of Saimbeyli. As we promised in the title of this site, you could discover your own bşue butterflies. Visit Saimbeyli and rediscover the nature with a different taste of eotourim. 

End of June, Stage for the Black Marbled Whites

We are about to bid farewell to June. The browns and blue agrodiaetus butterflies began to get their roles up on the stage. The end of June is the emerging time of the hermits. The black marbled whites must see in these days... 

20th International Nature Photography Contest

DOGAY 2016, 20th International Nature Photoshoot-out Contest was held at May, 18-22 2016 in Saimbeyli And Tufanbeyli districts of Adana Province, Turkey.  

Butterflies of Saimbeyli - Photographs Collection

Photographs of the butterflies species of Saimbeyli are classified in the related family categories in the Wikimedia Commons. Now click to enjoy with the hundreds of nice photographs taken in the fields of Saimbeyli. 

Butterflies of June, Cherry Times in Saimbeyli

On the first day of June, we observed 51 butterflies species in two locations in Saimbeyli. From Obruk Waterfall to Cöbük Black Pine Forest to Süttepe we recorded many amazing photos of the butterflies from all of the families. We were happy to take the photos of the halves of these species just in springwater area in Cöbük Forest...